SA Water treatment Legend honoured

SA Water treatment Legend honoured

The South African Water Sector has been hit by another blow with the death of Water Treatment stalwart, Charles Walters, on 7 April following a struggle with Cancer.

According to colleagues and customers at Rheochem, Charles was a legend. Barry Ludolf of Chemanzi, another longtime and well-known Water Treatment expert, recently had this to say “during the days of SA Cyanamid, Charles was the corner stone of our Sasol 2 and 3 business. He had an exceptional technical ability”.

Charles started his career in water treatment in 1982. The many years he spent with Eskom Technical Department stood him in good stead with future positions. He was one of the pioneers in terms of work on polyamines to replace the traditional use of aluminium sulphate, as well as on Streaming Current Detectors, both now commonly used but at that time state-of-the-art technology.

Charles worked at Rheochem until January 2015, fulfilling the role of Inland Regional Area Manager for nearly 18 years. During that time he provided customers with an exceptional service. His ability to problem solve was unquestionable and the commitment Charles constantly displayed left customers with the confidence of knowing that he was always available to assist. From Senior Managers to Plant Operators Charles was known to be the person to call when polymer optimisation help was needed.

Jacqui Swart, who worked with him during the last 18 years of his career, said that with Charles one always knew that things were under control and results would be accurate – he had a unique understanding of the art and science of water treatment and she will always not only be grateful for the contributions he made to growing Rheochem through the early years but for being so dependable as both a friend and a colleague.

Charles was an application specialist rather than a sales person and loved his job. He was one in a million and always himself. Charles had an indomitable spirit. He reached across cultural divides without even trying to or being anyone other than who he was – just by being genuine and committed to water treatment.

He will be sorely missed.